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You can be smart, you can't fix stupid


Welcome to You Can't Fix Idiots (because stupid was taken). It's a place where smart, aka non-liberal - people can vent without censorship.

If you are politically correct... save your time and go to play with the ACLU and the rest of the whack job libtards. If you voted for Killary, go away. If you're a Nancy Palosi fan, really go away.

This site is for American Conservitives to voice their anger, frustration, dislike for our government, its people, organizations and and anything else you can think of, without censorship. Oh yea, Muslims are fair game.

The main question is, how do these morally bankrupt screwed-up idiots manage to have so much power? They travel in herds from the highest levels of government to the gutters of Chicago.




Share People, places or things you hate (or REALLY despise).
Listed in the order received. - Add Yours

Please keep your additions to living persons as we already
know history is loaded with despicable beings. These are the current entries.

#1 Barack Hussein Obama  Nancy Palosi
Muslims (all inclusive)  Obamacare
Harry Read  Hillary Clinton
Bill Clinton  John Kerry
John McCain  The U.N.
Michelle Obama  Kim Jong-il
Black Lives Matter   
Maxine Waters  Nancy Palosi
California  liberalism
Chuck Schumer  Louis Farrakhan
Bill Maher  Bashar al-Assad
Entire Middle East  Amy Schumer
U.S. Congress  BGTQ
Diane Feinstein  CIA
Bill de Blasio  Germany
Communism  Casey Anthony
Jerry Sandusky  Rosie O'Donnell
Nazism  Whoopie Goldberg
ACLU  Illegal Aliens
political correctness  Washington Post
New York Times  Sen. Patty Murray
George Soros  Lawyers
MSNBC (all)  Bill Clinton
Jeremiah Wright  Barbara Boxer
Gov. Jerry Brown  Target
John Roberts  Jesse Jackson Jr.
Starbucks  Tesla Motors Inc
France  Joy Behar
Microsoft Corporation  Jane Fonda
Kanye West  Time Magazine
Washington (the state)  O.J. Simpson
Animal Abusers  
Hollywood  Sean Penn
child molesters  Sonia Sotomayor
Welfare Sponges  Elena Kagan
North Korea  Vladimir Putin
Madonna  Warren Buffett
Rosanna Barr  Hugo Chavez
Rahm Emanuel  Gov. Kate Brown
Johnson & Johnson  Facebook Inc
Justin Bieber  Muhammad (so-called  Prophet of Islam)
Charles Manson  Britney Spears
Will Smith  Oprah
Apple Inc.   Al Sharpton
San Francisco  LeBron James
John Edwards  Jamie Foxx
George Clooney  Bernie Madoff
Los Angeles  Michael Moore
John A. Boehner  Barney Frank
Michael Vick  Lindsay Lohan
Colin Kaepernick  Los Angeles
Portland  Entire Middle East
Ruth Bader Ginsburg  Fake News
Intel Corporation  Robert DeNero